Sailing The Athens Riviera

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“You only really need two days in Athens and just walk around the Acropolis then get out of there,” said a fellow tourist. No way! I could have spent days exploring Athens especially the Athenian coastline! The perfect way to do that is to sail with Sailing Athens Luxury Day Cruise. This is not a paid advertisement. This is my actual experience. Months before my trip to Athens, which I  was really not excited about, I started to think about how to deal with the heat of Athens, as well as how to feel a sense of relaxation in a stressful city full of days of sightseeing. I found it and it turned out to be one of the best days of my life. I emailed Sailing Athens my availability, dietary restrictions, then I paid and turned in my nationality, passport number, as well as where to pick me up. The most friendly man in a van filled with a few other passengers picked me up at 9:35 AM and whisked all of us off to the marina. We were asked to take off our shoes as we boarded a gorgeous 40- foot Lagoon 400 Sailing Catamaran. The captain and skipper were so gracious. They knew it was the American holiday the 4th of July and even though we were in Greece the boat crew greeted all of the American passengers with a happy 4th of July! The captain gave a safety briefing. We were given some beer, wine then turned loose as we set sail along the Athenian coastline. The breeze was sensual, the clouds were big and puffy. Before we all knew it the skipper dropped anchor and we jumped off the front of the catamaran plunging into the Mediterranean sea, floating on our backs staring at the cloud filled sky. Safety was ever present showcased by the boat crew, even as all of the passengers were floating around in the sea. We all climbed aboard and sailed off to the next stop. This time when the skipper dropped anchor the captain fired up the BBQ! We all swam in the salty sea inhaling the most intoxicating aromas of the food being grilled on the catamaran we were sailing on! The crew called the passengers to the lunch table. We feasted on the most phenomenal food. Presented to us were Greek salad, calamari, pork, chicken, roasted vegetables, pesto pasta, tomato ouzo shrimp, bread, Tatkiki, beer, and wine. I thought I died and went to heaven. Everyone couldn’t stop raving about the food. We all indulged so much that there was a general consensus that it was officially nap time. With satisfied bellies, we all lazily lounged around the front of the boat. After a while, the wind picked up. The captain hoisted the sails and blasted the speakers. The mood changed into contagious excitement. There was so much laughter. We were sailing fast. The wind was loud. The salty water was spraying everyone. The song Can’t Stop by the  Red Hot Chili Peppers was pouring out of the speakers “the wave can’t stop, this life is more than just a read through, this life is more than ordinary”. It was as if the song lyrics were in perfect harmony with the speed of the boat, the howl of the wind, the feeling of saltwater spraying on our skin, the satisfaction in our bellies, the grand size of the sails, and the breathtaking view of sea and sky. It was perfectly orchestrated, not just the song in that moment, but the entire day planned and executed by Athens Sailing.

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