Picnicking the Pont Du Gard

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The seductiveness of Provence is ever present in my mind, the villages, fields of flowers, the hot sun, white cotton dresses, straw hats, long relaxed wine infused lunches, Ancient Roman ruins. The problem is I’m not the only person into this kind of thing.  With all that goodness… comes hoards of crowds! Take a note from the only written message from the mysterious unknown designer of the Pont Du Gard. “MENS TOTUM CORIUM”, latin for the entirety of the work has been measured.  Not only is this mysterious designers message valuable advice but a call to a special place to relieve the bad that comes with the good. “IPSA SCIENTIA PROTESTAS EST”, “KNOWLEDGE ITSELF IS POWER. If you find yourself with an upcoming visit to  Provence or are lucky enough to be there now use my post as the Cliffs Notes to possibly one of the best days of your life. If not just use the imagery and words as a quick escape without the exhausting long flight. The Pont Du Gard is an ancient masterpiece of Roman ingenuity and also a huge tourist destination. What you do with your visit there is entirely up to you. In 1610 the King of England’s architect drew the  Pont du Gard in a sketch. When I visited I packed my swimsuit and a picnic! Everyone has their own style of travel. Logistics first, ALWAYS! Read through the official Pont Du Gard website to make sure you are aware of all the offerings, and any special events that may take place during your visit. Then Scrutinize the weather and terrain for the day of your visit. I chose a home base in the most darling village of Uzes France. It has all the offerings to fill a picnic basket, and stylize a visit. Take advantage of the cooler morning air wandering around Uzes collecting items for a lazy river picnic. La Fougasse de Uzes is the perfect place to pick up a baguette and sweet treats as  well as croque monsieurs.  Don’t forget a bottle of wine and a wine opener! When the hot afternoon goes full blast head to the Pont du Gard walk right past the sweltering sweaty crowds straight down to the Gardon river and relieve yourself from the heat in the cool refreshing water and float under the Pont du Gard! Floating with your ears submerged allows a beautiful silence that is not always available when visiting a massive tourist destination.  Relax in the cold water.  Set up a picnic, open the wine and toast!


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