A Roman Summer Night

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When in Rome… on a scorching summer day? Sleep in, have a long lazy lunch, stay cool in your hotel pool, nap and save your energy for a Roman night.  The beauty of the eternal city is best enjoyed after a glass of wine in the twilight. Miguel De Cervantes said, “When thou art in Rome, do as they do at Rome.” So Stroll down to the river to join the Romans at the Tiber Island summer festival. The annual flight of fancy showcases a long row of over two hundred tents sheltering shops, restaurants, dance clubs, art shows, games, and bars. Provision a hefty chunk of time, and prep your feet for hours of walking. Attempt to walk the length of all the tents to survey the plethora possibilities of indulgement, and to burn some calories to make room for eating all the amazing festival food being offered. Pop in and out of the fabulously-designed bars to take a rest and have a drink to stay cool and feel relaxed. Savor a long chilled Prosecco fueled dinner next to the cooling rushing river glowing with the reflection of the festival lights, and that’s just to the start the night! Whats a trip to Rome without seeing the ruins… under the glow of the moonlight… absent of massive crowds? Buy and pop a bottle of Prosecco.  Stroll from ruin to ruin. Getting lost is part of the magic of the ruin hunt, toast it, as well as the other lost people you might encounter asking for directions because they are lost also. Last but not least don’t forget to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain! You wouldn’t want your trip to Rome to be your last trip to Rome!

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