Nammos Beach Club Mykonos

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Lao Tzu is quoted as saying “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”  I would have to kinda sorta agree with that statement. Doctor Seuss summed it up best by saying  “Step with great care and tact and remember that Life’s a great balancing act.” We are all individuals. Each and every traveler has their own pace and style of travel, with some type of unique experience desired. I’ll never deny my addiction to luxury, which lends itself to the reason I kinda sorta agree with Lao Tzu. I believe in a travel planning formula that includes planning a few activities and having ample amounts of free time to participate in spontaneity. You never know.  Some super hot Kuwaiti bodybuilder stacked thick with muscles might invite you to his villa to Bar B Que with all of his friends. Leave room for those types of opportunities and remember some experiences need a little bit of planning and reservations, especially exclusive ones with long waiting lists. This summer when Mr. Arnold suggested lounging and chilling out on the beaches of Greece, I knew exactly which Greek island we would be headed to; my nickname isn’t party animal for no good reason! I choose the Greek island of Mykonos. Legendary for its well-deserved reputation as a party island, luring world-renowned DJ’s to keep the crowd dancing and raging far past sunrise. If your style is Urban Dictionary HAM, Mykonos will provide the opportunity to go hard at it and party all day and all night all straight through a twenty-four hour period.  My intense ongoing love affair with European beach clubs prompted me to look into the beach clubs on the island of Mykonos. I went through the Mykonos hashtags on Instagram and examined the photos to start my decisions of where Mr. Arnold and I would be chilling on our beach beds drinking champagne, floating in the Mediterranean sea and meeting interesting people. One of my selections was Nammos Beach Club, and it turned out to be one of the most over the top exciting unforgettable days. The type of day that validates the overused but completely true quote by Ibn Battuta “Traveling-it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.” Well, here’s the story. If your heart is really set on partying all day at the infamous beach club, it’s not really a good idea to leave it up to chance. Reserve your spot!  That’s where Lao Tzu might lead one down the wrong path.  I attempted to reserve by email and there was some miscommunication. When I showed up there was no beach bed area spot for Mr. Arnold and I.  Imagine my disappointment after I flew all the way to Greece, rented an ATV to get to Nammos and laid my eyes on the sparkling inviting sea dotted with luxurious super-yachts. Mr. Arnold parked me in the bar area and even with my disappointment, I couldn’t stop admiring the surroundings and drool over the large bouquet sprays of showy blooms.  There were giant Bouquets of flowers everywhere, and some of the most fabulous looking women and amazing swimwear and style I have ever seen.  While I sipped a cocktail, Mr. Arnold worked everything out. A  gorgeous tanned Greek woman with long flowing black hair wearing a tiny black thong bikini said: “I will show you to your beach beds!” She lead us toward yacht filled Psarou Beach past the tanned and toned and those participating in the ultimate good life. Mr. Arnold and I spread out on the Luxurious sunbeds modeled after “life aboard a yacht and the minimal glam of Mykonos”. We were ready for all of the promises of Nammos Beach Club, taste, party, and exquisite services. Laying under those glamorous stripped umbrellas we reviewed the menu and made our bottle selection. Chilled  La Bravade Chevalier Torpez Côtes De Provence and a cheese plate were delivered by a handsome young man. He poured our glasses and iced our bottle in a silver champagne bucket. Relaxation started to flow through our bodies and the DJ started to control us with his mellow lounge beat. It was still early in the day and the DJ was starting to wake everyone up. Another fabulous toned half-naked body showed up in an itty bitty black thong bikini and presented us with Nammos monogrammed sunglass cleaner wipes. I cooled off in the salty Mediterranean sea and couldn’t help but overhear a conversation of a multi-million dollar business deal going on right next to me as I was staring at the sky while floating in the salty sea. The bottle service was in high demand and the bartenders were loosening up the crowd as the DJ kept everyone under his spell. Waiters were barefoot splashing around the beach delivering magnums to bikini-clad girls boozing it up in the sea.  A helicopter approached a landing pad and stopped every beachgoer. Everyone was staring at the man that stepped out of the helicopter. The Nammos staff welcomed him and whisked him off to his yacht.  The DJ watched the crowd carefully and intensified his music. I did meet a really cool super buff cocktail drinking Kuwaiti bodybuilder while I was splashing about in the ocean. He invited Mr. Arnold and I to Bar B Que with his friends at their villa. The DJ was on point and was well in control of the party. He intensified the music again, and the party began its rage.  I returned to my beach bed. Mr.Arnold was drinking with a super fancy Saudi couple. The Saudi man smoked cigarette after cigarette and pounded beer after beer. The bikini-wearing Saudi women dripping with expensive gold Bulgari jewelry showed me everything in her makeup bag and told me how she prefers to go to the jeweler and not have them come to her hotel room!  Mr. Arnold and I drank all of our Bravade Chevalier. The DJ amped up the intensity of the music again. The Buff bodybuilder poured me a glass from his magnum and I hung out with a gracious ultra stylish Egyptian lady who had sailed to Mykonos on her friend’s yacht. The DJ really had the crowd going so Mr. Arnold and I ordered another round!  The party was about to peak. Everyone was socializing with each other. Bikini wearing girls were dancing on the tables Champagne bottles were popping, and the DJ unleashed on the crowd.  What started out as a mellow day turned into a wild raucous party with an international guest list that could never again be duplicated. Elsa Maxwell said “Someone said that life is a party. You join in after its started and leave before it’s finished.” After I fell down in the sea, cocktail in hand, I knew it was time to go. Hey, Mykonos doesn’t have its wild party reputation for no good reason. I had another party to get to at one AM. When in Mykonos Nammos is a must!

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