Gordes France

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 Hovering on the edge of the plateau of Vaucluse thirty-eight Kilometers east of Avignon in the Luberon area of Provence is a fairytale village, swollen with flowers, sturdy with a built environment of pale whipped honey colored stones, offering stunning panoramic views, complete with a castle. Gordes France has been described as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Long before Gordes was starring in movies it was inspiring artists to brush paint to canvas. It is not only the perfect movie set, it is the perfect set for slowing down and relaxation. Sounds romantic, right? An idealized version of reality: or perhaps this utopian experience is possible.

Logistics first!!! Long before a visit to Gordes find a place to stay with a swimming pool to relax, cool down, and hide out in while crowds of hot sweaty tourists storm the village busting it at the seams. Reserve a room, check in and expect royal treatment at La Bastide De Gordes, a 12th century stone castle dramatically perched on a cliff showcasing mesmerizing views. Bask in the sun, sip rosé and lounge in the cool sparkling swimming pool while staring at sweeping views of the Luberon. A must are romantic sunset dinner reservations at La Citadelle, drinking wine and toasting to the Provencal life while lazing through phenomenal culinary artistry.

The Luberon region is graced with gorgeous fields of lavender. If your peepers are interested in gawking at those stunning puffy fields of lavender, you will have to make your visit the last week of June to the beginning of August, depending on the year’s rainfall. Lavender and sunflowers do not grow in Provence for no reason. Provence is famously hot. Prepare yourself! Do not even think of packing constricting jeans and hot heavy tennis shoes. Sturdy cushy comfortable sandals and a cotton dress should help keep the ladies cool, stylish and instagram ready. Linen and cotton shorts and shirts help keep the gents cool. Wear the least amount comfortably possible. Evain makes tiny spray cans of water to mist and cool the body. Be like the Spanish ladies. Keep cool with a handheld fan. Wander around the village without a huge backpack full of unnecessary items unless you enjoy being hot sweaty wet and uncomfortable. Pick up items to fill a picnic basket. Visit Abbey Norte-Dame de Sénanque to view the most famous Lavender field in all of France. Visit at sunset to admire and stay cool.  Take photos after sunset for optimal images.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said “a goal without a plan is just a wish”, and Gloria Steinem said “dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”  The idealized version of Gordes is ready for the taking, after a little bit of dreaming and planning.



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