Who is Momo?

Who is MOMO? Excellent question! She is similar to the big bang theory. Momo is best described as an explosion of overdosing on Barbie and Disney princesses, topped with the heavy influence of her glamorous ballet teacher and one to many trips to the airport as a small girl. She once thought she was Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Daily she wore Alice’s blue dress, her grandmother had custom made for her. She fell deep down the rabbit hole and never looked back. She is the most silly fun ever.


So after all that silliness you really want to know who I am?  Yours Truly!  I was taught to be graceful and not to talk about myself but since I am a lifestyle blogger I guess its part of the job. First and foremost I am a master of the sense of humor. Laughter is a requirement of my daily living, which really compliments my storytelling. I use the word hella which is indicative of the latitude and longitude I reside in. I can’t help it. I’m a California girl even though I’m not a girl. I’m a lady, a stylish one, jet setting the globe, always with a glass of wine. Adjectives like Bon Vivant, Cosmopolite, classy, witty, colorful, creative and hella sexy have been used by others when describing me. If you have a James Beard award, Michelin stars, or an enormous line to get to your work of gastronomic craft. I am on my way! Gourmandizing is my forte!  Quotes are my hobby, in particular rapper quotes. Just like Al Pacino said in the Devils advocate “never let um see ya comming”, words to live by!  Who would ever think that classy lady with a glass of Napa Cab in her hand would like rapper quotes?  Theres is an old saying about how we all we all have our demons. Mine hibernates inside of me and I fuel it with disco naps. I’m a total party animal, with an addiction to luxury hotel rooms and exclusive parties!  I could go on and on but Bruno mars said it best “if you don’t believe me just watch”. Hang out with me for a awhile. I’ll make you laugh, I’ll show you beautiful places and things and maybe I just might change the way you see the world or maybe you might change the way I see the world.


Welcome to my world.

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